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It all started with a moonlight public session in San Diego, California one night.

BellaICE Skating Portable ice rinks and BellaICE Skating Mood Skating was inspired from all the great fun experences.     

Erik decided to test his limits nearly 40 years ago when his mother Donna asked him "do you want to go ice skating tonight?" His bright eyed smile reply was "Mom yes I want to go ice skating." Between the dark and packed public session crystal ball slash pin ball wizard playing during a Zamboni ice make he was hooked. 

After competing on the U.S. National and International team for over 10 years and winning the U.S. Olympic festival and World Junior Figure Skating Championships.Having experienced a standing ovation at the 1988 U.S National Championships in Denver, Co. Then in 1989 The U.S. National Figure Skating Championships were aired on ABC Sports with the late Jim McKay saying to Dick Button "That kid can spin can't he? You always liked a good spinner." Erik starred in ice shows for over 8 years traveling the world with his pretty wife Roseann whom in her own right was an exquisite Adagio performer. Yes, he even worked for the 1976 Olympic Champion Dorothy Hamill, and headlined as "Buttons the Cellar Boy" in the English version of Cinderella on Ice.

With the joy and love that ice skating has brought Erik, he feel's it's a must that BellaICE Skating provide a FUN exhilarating experience and create great memories that ice skating can give you, that is why he created BellaICE Skating, named after his beautiful daughter Miss.Anabelle Rose. 


Our goal is to ensure your skaters have the time of there lives and have a ton of FUN! You'll see that kids don't want to stop with all that enthusiasm will make you want to come back for more skating over and over.

Our Mission

01. Dazzle you with holiday moonlight skating.

All our skating events are first rate in every way, from the professional cast of skaters that skate with the greatest of ease to our FUN and public ice skating events with the most comfortable rental skates on the market today! Yes BellaICE Skating Events can make your special event a success in every creative way.  

02. We guarantee your skate with us will be the best experience.

When you go for a skate on our Super-Glide rink you are in for an adventure, you become part of our family. We want you to be happy with every part of the experience, from our expert staff to utilizing our Silver-Glide skate bars and safety helmets. It's our goal to make sure every moment is FUN!


03. You'll test your limits

With our comfortable Jackson Soft-Tec skates you can enjoy the skate with some quick turns and spins. Or simply glide across the surface and experience the edges of your blades.    

BellaICE Skating Portable Ice Rinks